Hi Sylvain, 

I'm sorry I didn't see your email regarding the responsive design, but I 
quickly checked the website on my phone, great work! I haven't looked at the 
bug report or the code, but I'll check that out later :) 

I'm not sure when the mobile styles went to prod, but if you want I can give 
you a hand to get it working better cross-platform (it's not responsive on my 
laptop). I tried working on the responsive styles a few times, but the local 
dev environment was always difficult on my machine, so it was hard to just do 
the work, and frustratingly I never got very far. 
I don't know if you did any refactoring along the way, but a few months ago I 
felt it would be a good idea – is it better to discuss these things here in the 
mailing list or do you prefer to take it to normal emails?

In any case, awesome work guys and girls!

    On Thursday, 13 October 2016 5:05 AM, Sylvain Chiron 
<chironsylv...@orange.fr> wrote:


Docs and devel are very excited these days and I’m a bit overwhelmed —
well, it’s good to see motivation out there —, but I also have something
to say just in accordance with the recent website release you might have

The first point is that I tried to contact you, Hinerangi, as the
website designer, about the website responsive view for mobile
platforms. Now Inkscape.org will look nice on your cell!
See my initial bug report:
Martin and I wanted to know if you had an opinion regarding this design;
you might not have received my e-mail.
It’s now possible to view the design directly on Inkscape.org, either
with your phone browser or your desktop browser’s responsive view.
You could also have an opinion concerning the fairly new modal dialogs,
or any other good work from Martin & co.

The second point is for the website editors: as you may have seen, now
our parent menus do no longer link to a page when clicked, but instead
there’s a submenu item in bold font. Initially I set this for the
touch-screen devices: you should be able to open the menu, then select
the page. But Martin told me to apply this mechanism everywhere. He said
that some visitors complained about the parent items being
unclear/confusing. Well, you see, you have an ‘About’ page with
‘Inkscape Overview’ in it as a title, but also ‘Overview’ as a submenu.
Recognize it’s weird — :S.
The current solution is not ideal and we should actually aim to remove
the parent menu items; means putting the interesting content in the
subitems, possibly creating a new subpage.
* ‘About’ may disappear silently.
* ‘Download’ will be changed soon, for the new Releases management system.
* In ‘News’, we should have a ‘Latest News’ submenu (probably not for
* ‘Learn’ may disappear silently.
* ‘Develop’ should have ‘Getting Started’ as first menu item.
* ‘Contribute’ should have a similar thing, such as ‘Let’s go’.
* ‘Support Us’ might have a synthetical submenu, or disappear.
* For ‘Community’ it looks a bit more complicated.
Maybe not for right now but at least you’re aware — ;).
For the parent URL (that would become inaccessible from the UI), we
would have a redirect to the first subitem as a fallback, I’d say.

Good night,

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