Le 13/10/2016 à 12:33, Hinerangi Courtenay a écrit :
> I'm not sure when the mobile styles went to prod,

Just a few days ago.

> but if you want I can
> give you a hand to get it working better cross-platform (it's not
> responsive on my laptop).

I guess you’ve got some Retina display with the crunched Apple behind
it. Well, any good window manager has a feature called ‘tiling’ so that
you can take advantage of a large display — :P.

> I tried working on the responsive styles a few
> times, but the local dev environment was always difficult on my machine,
> so it was hard to just do the work, and frustratingly I never got very far.

Local servers are a bit laggy for me but work quite well.
Yes, I got some info from Martin and Brynn and searched the ML archives,
I saw that you proposed two new designs: a modernization of the current
one using the full width (made in code) and a mockup of a new design.
(Unfortunately I had already started my work for mobile devices.)

> I don't know if you did any refactoring along the way, but a few months
> ago I felt it would be a good idea –

CSS rules for small screens are gathered in a separate file.
But indeed I did some refactoring; older rules didn’t really look
pretty… And I’m some kind of perfectionist.

> is it better to discuss these
> things here in the mailing list or do you prefer to take it to normal
> emails?

The best would probably be bug reports.
We can probably talk off the list and only share a synthesis.

> Launchpad is also an unfamiliar tool for me (used to Github, Bitbucket,
> Gitlab, etc), so I really should take the time to get used to it (at
> least just the code/issues/pull requests).

A few tips:
* pull requests are called ‘merge requests’ on Launchpad (makes more
sense to me);
* you have to use Bazaar as VCS (there’s a page on Inkscape.org to
introduce it);
* the organization is quite logical, but the link you’re looking for is
sometimes not as salient as you could expect.

> In any case, awesome work guys and girls!


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