>>>>> Paolo Ciccone writes:

    Paolo> On Tue, Dec 07, 1999 at 10:52:02PM +0100, Juergen Kreileder wrote:
    >> AFAIK Sun has all the right to use our code.  But todays press
    >> release is a slap in the face for us!

    Paolo> Juergen, as I posted in other messages we are actually
    Paolo> giving you guys credit for all the hard work you have done
    Paolo> in the 1.2, 1.2.1 version.  Unfortunately both press
    Paolo> releases didn't have any mention but we have already
    Paolo> released interviews with the press were we acknoledge your
    Paolo> work.  As you can immagine, if we wanted to hide anything,
    Paolo> we could have change the files. That was not our intention
    Paolo> at all.

I didn't say so.  I don't have problems with somebody using our code.
This is about respect!  What we have now is stuff like:

        'The Sun/Inprise JDK is xx times faster than that Blackdown crap.'

        'Finally!  Those script kiddies at Blackdown didn't have a clue'

You get the song of praise --- we did the dirty work.

    Paolo> As I said before this is really a cooperative effort that
    Paolo> shows what can be obtained when there's will to improve
    Paolo> things. You guys gave us the ground to convince the right
    Paolo> people to sponsor this project.  We have, in our modest
    Paolo> opinion, produced a production quality JDK. If the two
    Paolo> things can be merged this will go just at benefit of all
    Paolo> community. As you know very well porting and testing the
    Paolo> JDK is quite a task. It has not been cheap to do it and we

Do you think our port was cheap?  We don't get paid for our efforts
and expenses.

    Paolo> took the risk of doing it while another port was under way.
    Paolo> As somebody said, competition is good, especially in a case

How can there be competetion when people working on the Sun/Inprise
JDK are on our internal mailing list and have access to our CVS

    Paolo> like this where the outcome benefit only the developers of
    Paolo> Java applications. I believe that from today it's clear to
    Paolo> anybody that Linux is a viable platform for Java
    Paolo> applications.

I never would have had a problem with Sun doing final testing and
Eddie and me are asking for the 1.2.2 JCK over and over again,  I've
been asking for code updates several times.  The only thing we've got
so far are "You'll get it" _answers_...  
Sun wants us to port extension APIs and to work on 1.3 but given this
sad story, you can imagine our motivation is very low.

    Paolo> On a similar like for JDK 1.3 Sun announced that they are
    Paolo> going to do a Linux port directly. At the same time
    Paolo> Blackdown is working on early code and we saw that some of
    Paolo> the early patches are included in the standard 1.3 code. At
    Paolo> the same time IBM announced their porting effort.

Yep, some code from us in is 1.3, e.g. the large file support code
I've written a year ago -- this code wrong, it will never work that
That's why we never used this code, I replaced it long before the
1.2pre1 release, nevertheless the wrong code is 1.3.  Sun's merging
strategy always has been a mystery to me.

Doing a complete JDK 1.3 port shouldn't be to hard, e.g. we already
have HotSpot running on Sparc Linux.  Who cares?


Juergen Kreileder, Blackdown Java-Linux Porting Team

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