Hey folks,

As we've been discussing that again on IRC recently, we thought it might be
a good time to discuss that subject again. Latest thread about that I could
find is already 18+ months old

In the meantime, Java 7 has now long been EOLed since mid 2015 (see
https://java.com/en/download/faq/java_7.xml for details).

Also, many if not all of us very often advise users to just use Java 8
everytime they can to run Jenkins. We use it to build Jenkins (though
generating 7 bytecode).

Not EOLed, removed PermGen, Lambdas, Default Methods, etc., many reasons to
update to JDK 8 from the Ops and Dev perspectives.

IMO, it's time to move on. Jenkins can very easily use another JDK version
for builds, so I don't think there're compelling reasons to keep supporting
Java 7.

The common argument that "big" companies won't then be able to use Jenkins
anymore just does not hold IMO for at least two reasons: we know some very
big shops just using Jenkins with Java 8 without any issue, and the most
conservative companies are anyway, as always, probably still running
already (very) old versions of Jenkins. They will just catch that train


-- Baptiste

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