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On Thu, 13 Oct 2016, Robert Sandell wrote:

> I'm for it,
> But didn't we discuss a new "deprecation policy" in the beginning of the
> Jenkins 2 planning, or did I dream that?
> I'm mostly thinking of the rollout of this, many installations seems to
> have just dared to start thinking about upgrading to Jenkins 2, perhaps we
> shouldn't throw a Java upgrade in their face after just two LTS releases?
> Or maybe two is enough?

As far as the data is concerned, this is actually not true. With LTS moving to
a 2.x baseline, our most popular releases are now the 2.7.x LTSes, second place
is of course 1.651.x versions

It looks like slight majority of installations upgrade to the latest LTS within
3-5 months of its release, with the slight minority installing Jenkins and
likely never upgrading.

There's numbers in our usage data about which JREs are being used which needs
to get incorporated into stats.jenkins.io to help inform this discussion.

- R. Tyler Croy

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