On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 3:08 AM, ogondza <ogon...@gmail.com> wrote:
> is JDK 7 support really blocking us somewhere? Bugs
> we cannot fix / need to awkwardly compensate, features we can not deliver on
> Java 7?

Of course not. It just slows down developers trying to work on new
things in the name of supporting an old system most users are not
running (or need not run) and which we do not really test on anyway.

> you can run agent on older Java version but it causes subtle
> problems.

It will not work at all—you will get `ClassFormatError`s. If you
really need to build some projects on obsolete operating systems, you
can run the Jenkins agent on a normal computer, then SSH into an old
box or use VirtualBox or Docker or whatever to do the actual build

> plugin manager offers plugin updates
> (perhaps even core ones) that require newer Java version than the one
> installed on master

Yes there is a long-filed RFE to include the minimum JRE requirement
in plugin metadata. In the meantime,

> there is no guarantee plugin that needs Java 8
> require core with same requirement.

plugin authors are strongly advised to build against the same Java
Platform version as that used as a minimum by their minimum core
dependency. Thus, for example, you may delete


in your POM (and so go to the default of 7) when you update your
baseline to 1.625.x or later.

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