I think it is important to point out in this discussion that, like the rest
of the computer industry, screen readers are always changing and
developing.  I'm sure HJ will catch up quickly with Window-Eyes and IE5.
As we all know, GW Micro fell behind in the IE race there for a while and
are now catching up, and I'm sure Jaws will catch up too.  Remember when HJ
put Jaws on a CD-ROM with speech-assisted installation and we all thought
that was the best thing since sliced bread?  Well, now they're all doing
that.  It's a constant race for these screen reader companies and it's not
going to stop any time soon.  And I'm not worried about Microsoft taking
over the screen reader market.  We are a very small part of the computer
market and we have traditionally been a thorn in their side.  Besides,
they've got their hands full with legal troubles and may even be broken up
by the Justice Department soon.

Lynn K. Schneider

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