I would bet that Microsoft will develop a screen reader. Not for the blind
community but for other areas that will develop into it. One of the quiet
reasons for the development of all the software synthesizers etc. is so
that ultimately a company's web site can be integrated into more
sophisticated voice mail systems. It doesn' t take a lot of foresight to
see this. We are probably only a few years away from not only the push 1
for this, push 2 for that, but push 124 for information about this or that
product. It will be html readers that retrieve this information. If this
indeed happens, you can bet that eventually there will be a Microsoft
button somewhere to do it.
A lot of what Microsoft does is catch up, hell Windows is catch up from
MacIntosh. Many of the features in their systems came first from third
parties. Let's all enjoy it and leave the cynicism elswhere.
Michael Seelig

At 12:17 AM 3/21/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hey guys:
>do you really think that microsoft is going to dedicate any serious
>resources into developing a superior screen reader.  Look how long its
>taken to get MSAA in to a reputable state, and it still isn't implemented
>by most of the software out there.  I doubt that a microsoft screenreader
>is going to work as well as those developed by companies who have made a
>commitment over the past ten years or so. MS would only be playing catchup,
>and the bean counters would neversee it as proffitable to devote many man
>hours in the project. That's just my cynical point of view
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Don't let what you don't know stop you from doing what you do know.
Most learning is circular in nature, each time around you pick up something
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