Hi there Gord,
I agree, this is the problem!  if they put there toes in to developing a
screen reader that is bought with the cd of windows on it then goodness nos
what will happen!  you will have a screen reader but its oporation for us
will be not taken in to acount, they will give you access but limited
access, the time alone like you say for them to spend on this side of the
business wouldn't bee worth there wile and the bean counters would take
there tole on this situation you are right, so they will give you access
this way, but they will make all the other dedicated companies go out of
business and get a skimpy job of a thing taking over and no others to
choose from!  so in my opinion this will be a step backwards not forward in
my opinion!

Regards Chris Cant..At 00:17 21/03/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hey guys:
>do you really think that microsoft is going to dedicate any serious
>resources into developing a superior screen reader.  Look how long its
>taken to get MSAA in to a reputable state, and it still isn't implemented
>by most of the software out there.  I doubt that a microsoft screenreader
>is going to work as well as those developed by companies who have made a
>commitment over the past ten years or so. MS would only be playing catchup,
>and the bean counters would neversee it as proffitable to devote many man
>hours in the project. That's just my cynical point of view
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