Sorry Confluence is hard to set up. Trac is pretty easy to set up, and
can use SQLite db (single file repo) which is really easy to set up

The nice thing about trac's subversion integration is the timeline and
wikiword references to artifacts and revisions, as well as repository
browsing.  Those would be interesting and useful for a project where
you are reviewing, comparing, and commenting on other peoples code.  I
don't think Jira does that.

As far as the user-mode account that won't survive reboots, that
doesn't sound too good.  Seems like we really need to find some other
box to host our stuff rather than Warner's, where we can have full
access (or at least have sudo to manage the startup and web server).

As you duly noted in the notes, RimuHosting gives a full root access
VPN for $20/month.  I'll fire off a note to them now to see if they
will give us a deal...

-- Chad

On 1/30/06, Tim Colson (tcolson) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I woke up on the pessimistic side of the bed today... so I apologize if
> this sounds curt... but here goes... ;-)
> I obtained free "non-profit" licenses for's Confluence,
> Jira and JiveSoftware Forums...oh, about 18 months ago. It's taken this
> long just to get enough time and coordination to get Confluence running.
> (And it's only barely installed, running standalone using HSQLDB in a
> user-account and won't survive machine reboots.)
> I think it'd be overly optimistic to think Trac will magically appear on
> the tjug machine. ;-)
> FYI -- Confluence integrates with Jira (issue tracker) and Jira can
> integrate with SVN

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