On Jun 21, 2006, at 9:08 PM, josh zeidner wrote:
  RoR: Why?  because its Web 2.0( see CMP Media
scandal ).  The whole Web 2.0 thing( which RoR is
invariably linked to  ) has turned out to be a very
stupid multi-level marketing scheme starring Tim
O'Reilly.  RoR offers no technological advantages over
existing scripting languages, despite the magical
claims of its proponents.

My good (virtual) friend, Brent Ashley told me recently "if Jesse James Garret is the father of AJAX, then you and I are the mailmen that all the kids look like". Back in the Tucson days, between getting .bombed by Running Start and starting at eBlox I wrote an article about Remote Scripting for developerWorks which was my first foray into technical writing.

No technological advantage? I disagree. The brevity and readability... let's just say "succintness" most definitely is advantageous. For example, to wire up a Google-Suggest-like drop- down box I put this in my template:

        <%= text_field_with_auto_complete :agent, :name, :size => 20 %>

And there is a controller method that generates the <ul> that gets rendered. There is a lot of convention, over configuration, and sometimes that is a bit too "magical" even for my tastes.

But I can confidently say that RoR will be my preferred front-end technology for the foreseeable future and with loosely coupled back- end technologies, such as Solr, it's trivial to tie the best of breed pieces together, Java (or otherwise).


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