There seems to be a native Qt/QML client for Matrix (, it even seems to
be developed by a fellow KDE member, judging from the screenshoot.

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 8:17 PM, Cristian Baldi <>

> Hey there,
> I mainly contribute to the WikiToLearn project and for some months we have
> been using Rocket.Chat (instead of Telegram and IRC which we used in the
> beginning).
> First of all let me tell you that it is very hard to migrate users from an
> existing communication service to a new service. Even if at WikiToLearn we
> officially moved to Rocket.Chat some users still use the old communications
> means daily (mostly for the offtopic channels but some users still write in
> the main/official/support channel too).
> Rocket.Chat still has a lot of issues (mostly in term of user interface
> and interaction, many little annoying things that make you hate the
> platform, unless you get used to it). It is getting better daily but there
> is still many work to do (just to give an insight they have 1.7k issues
> open on their bug tracker, many are help requests and duplicates but many
> other are proper bugs).
> The native client could be a solution to many of these UI problem but
> after talking with a few people that developed software based on
> Rocket.Chat (for example Davide Riva (which I am cc-ing, he will tell you
> more) the KDE student working on the Chat Bridge project) there are also a
> lot of issues with their API and inner functionalities (undocumented or
> wrongly documented features).
> Rocket.Chat does not have an official mobile client as of today, again
> Ruquola could solve this once it is compiled for Android. Right now the
> official way to use Rocket.Chat on mobile is to use some kind of wrapped
> WebView which does not work well (when I had that installed I did not
> receive notifications or received them randomly).
> As Jonathan said Rocket.Chat (but really, any modern messaging system)
> offers tons of features missing from IRC.
> Telegram works (outside the open source world) because it has great native
> clients, cool features and it is easy to use.
> I have not tried matrix but it looks promising.
> A few months ago we also tried Mattermost (similar to Rocket.Chat but it
> seems to have gotten much better).
> IRC gets the job done but it lacks the features that everyone is used to
> in 2017.
> I would suggest investigating all the alternatives and going with the one
> that works and feels better, offering the best native experience and having
> the most stable core.
> Cristian
> On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 7:08 PM, Luca Beltrame <> wrote:
>> Il giorno Tue, 08 Aug 2017 18:16:17 +0200
>> Luigi Toscano <>
>> ha scritto:
>> > So -1 for moving to Rocket.Chat.
>> -1 as well. As Luigi said, is a better replacement because
>> the bridge is already up there. Also, it is federated, and FOSS.
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