I have opened right now konversation with 25 channels, 10 from them
corporate channels and many others to talk to developers from
different projects, KDE telepathy for my Google and facebook contacts,
Telegram for my KDE and openSUSE support questions since users seem to
be moving there and I use it in my mobile, Slack for a couple of
projects...  The picture in my mobile is not a better one, by the way.

The problem for me is not which one to use but how can I reduce the
number of apps I use right now. We live in an heterogeneous world.
What can we do about it?

KDE can be part of the solution or part of the problem. Selecting one
option and moving everybody there seems to me like moving towards
being part of the problem. I would move towards creating a solution
compatible with most of the current solutions so by using KDE you do
not need to have 25 chat-like apps opened (Integration is a feature)
and let each group decide which app is better for them.


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