On Wednesday 09 August 2017 09:45:13 Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
> That's not the case for modern protocols where people only stop seeing the 
> conversation if they actively leave the group (which is whey they do show 
> that, but it happens far less often than people quitting their IRC client).
> And see my requirements email for my reply to "But we have a ZNC instance". 

Can you add this to the collecting-requirements thread?

 - non ephemeral
 - searchable
 - stored offline for later retrieval

You're making a really strong case for HTML email (it can contain pictures!).


PS. Not sure whether "/s" u'1F644' or 
http://telegramhub.net/sarcastic-polar-bear/ is the right mechanism to indicate 
the intended emotional sub-not-text.

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