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> On Wednesday 09 August 2017 09:45:13 Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
>> That's not the case for modern protocols where people only stop seeing the 
>> conversation if they actively leave the group (which is whey they do show 
>> that, but it happens far less often than people quitting their IRC client).
>> And see my requirements email for my reply to "But we have a ZNC instance". 
> Can you add this to the collecting-requirements thread?
> - non ephemeral
> - searchable
> - stored offline for later retrieval

At the “goal post BOF” during Akademy I proposed building a real free software, 
simply working modern chat solution as a possible milestone project. I would 
like to add to the requirements:
based on open standards (e.g., Unicode emojis but no custom ones)
coherent chat experience (e.g., a user sees the same messages in channels and 
chats no matter which of the multiple devices she connects from and when)

I am pretty sure that no solution exists that fits the bill 100%. This may be 
an opportunity for the KDE community to shine and build something that is not 
open core (like Mattermost) or fake-free (like Telegram) and actually 
interoperable. And it needs a great UX, which is exactly our mission. 

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