On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Albert Astals Cid wrote:

> You can't expect me to read a 200 messages backlog in 20 channels just in 
> case 
> something important was said while i was away. 

Well, I keep running irssi in a screen session because... I feel I have to, but
I am getting better at not replying to things that happened to go bump in the

> Telegram messages end up in my phone, and show a notification, so i have to 
> read it because my mind wants my task bar without notifications, but once 
> read 
> the "you have to read this" is gone, so if it's something important i need to 
> do later i will forget and won't get done.

Same here!

> And to top that off there's no way to "log off from channels" like on IRC 
> (where i am on some channels during work day and some others on non work 
> day),  
> so it creates the false impression that i'm "always avaiable" when i'm not 
> and 
> that together with the "no way to mark messages as unread if they are 
> important" makes it really bad for serious use.

Oh yes, indeed!
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