On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Riccardo Iaconelli wrote:

> This is a new thread entirely, but incidentally also something we
> should also think about. Why many KDE developers choose github instead
> of scratch KDE repositories to start new software, where it could
> happily be hosted within KDE infrastructure? 

Our infra doesn't offer scratch repos anymore, does it?

> I have been personally
> touched by Paul Adam's words on the sense of community which we have
> somehow dispersed with our migration to git, and I think we should no
> longer ignore the community dynamics around our SCM. 

I think that phabricator is actually helping here, since it brings all
projects together again. Github would immediately kill any cohesion we
might have retained.

> Is our
> infrastructure now a liability or is it added value, for new
> developers? 

phabricator is added value for sure. Even if its search functionality
could be better.

> Are we still attractive? 

Yes, but perpetual self-doubt is very unattractive.

> Do we provide value to new developers

Yes. We provide a lot of help, for instance, and a chance to get their
work in the hands of real users, instead of being confied to a lost 
and forgotten repo in github.

> , or are we a burden? 


> What can we do to alleviate it without loosing our identity? 

What does 'it' refer to? 

> Think about it in an open way, but don't answer
> here - it's of course material for a new thread.

Well, here it is.

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