Il 08 agosto 2017 19:09:28 CEST, Eike Hein <> ha scritto:
>On 08/09/2017 01:16 AM, Luigi Toscano wrote:> We have an alternative
>already working, which bridges IRC ( and
>> OFTC):
>> I don't know how many times I should repeat this, but many people are
>> using successfully (I monitor few channels, for example).
>> So -1 for moving to Rocket.Chat.
>It could make sense to promote Rocket.Chat over Telegram though (more

I'm personally for ditching Telegram in favor of really FLOSS (and sane) 
alternatives. That said, if it's bridged to IRC as it happens now, I don't care 
much as long as the accessibility through IRC (and now matrix) is well visible. 
I would never promote Telegram standalone.

Can be bridged too? If not, promoting it would create another 



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