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> - No they can't because it makes life of other developer harder
> - No they can't because it makes life of other user harder

- No they can't because it creates inconsistencies and makes some
  user-facing tools like drkonqi useless with people that don't use
- No they can't because then it's going to get hard for both users
  *and* downstreams to find *where* they report their issues given that
  project X may use Bugzilla and Y might use GitLab

> If developer/maintainer collectively thinks that using gitlab as bug
> tracker makes their life easier instead of depending on bugzilla I

And what about making existing tools useless? No, the fact that project
X doesn't use them is not an excuse. It may be valid *at this point in
time* only.

> specific sub-community, that decision doesn't affect krita, okular or
> other KDE applications.

It does, see above why. As a downstream I don't want to chase the
projects to see which platform they use for reporting bugs. And yes, I
have direct experience professionally with another, unrelated FOSS
project (Bioconductor) which doesn't have a "central" bug reporting
infrastructure and leaves to the maintainers how to get their reports:
it's an absolute hell to wade through.

I don't want to see this in KDE.

> In general, I respect everyone's personal opinion that bugzilla at
> moment superior to the gitlab issues, but at same time I also want to
> respect other developers opinion/choices as long as they abide by the

I see nothing that allows an informed decision. Why is not Bugzilla
acceptable? Why is GL better? No, familiarity and onboarding reasons
are not enough. Please at least try to outline first the advantages and
disadvantages of both.

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