On donderdag 4 juli 2019 13:02:24 CEST Kai Uwe Broulik wrote: 
> I complained about the same thing but I was told you can replicate most 
> of those (OS, platform, etc) using tags/badges and project structures. 
> There isn't a 1:1 mapping of fields and tech we got used to from Bugzilla.

And then I thought to check how GIMP is handling this. It's not pretty: four 
pages of label definitions (and keep in mind that all labels are available both 
to merge requests and issues). Creating a query when there are so many labels 
is exceedingly hard, as I imagine actually managing them and tagging reports 
with them. See https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gimp/-/labels 

A second problem here is that these labels are defined _per project_. That 
means that any common way of handling bugs among KDE projects will disappear.

Sorry, but I don't see any way this is going to end well. KDE projects should 
not use the gitlab issues feature for bug reports. Use of the issues feature 
should be reserved for replacing the phabricator tasks functionality. KDE 
should continue to use bugzilla.

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