Don't you think you're overcomplicating this? Or "crippling all things
but perfection"? The school strike was carried out by kids who, I am
sure, had quite a carbon footprint themselves. At which level of
individual asceticism is it allower to protest systematic problems or
demand that the very few who CAN make an actual chance that will have
an impact do so?

I think you raise some MONUMENTALLY relevant things though which really
should be carried over into the future (no matter how this thread pans
out) - what can we as a community do to improve our own ecological
footprint beyond what is already done? 
Just off the top of my head - work even closer with Postmarket OS, as
well as Fairphone (if possible), seems brilliant. Produce software that
is intended to reuse old hardware, or repurpose them. I would love to
see this discussed in another thread btw it seems like a great sort of
focus for development and design.

But that's beside the point. The strike is about showing that a lot of
people consider the ecological and human disaster we are living in
currently needs to be at least halted and for that to happen taken
seriously by politician and businesses at a larger scale - it is not so
much about individual recycling or small actions in itself. 

We should improve ourselves of course, but demanding personal
perfection to criticize a systematic imperfection is just dooming all
political actions and protests completely. 

Also considering the dire straights we're in - I'd say starting
somewhere - ANYWHERE at this point feels more relevant than trying to
get the perfect run up first and then perhaps missing the race


TL;DR I would love for KDE to be part of this - but at the same time I
think we should try to carry a discussion onwards about how to improve
KDE's climate effects in the future. 

tor 2019-09-19 klockan 13:52 +0200 skrev Friedrich W. H. Kossebau:
> Am Mittwoch, 18. September 2019, 18:01:18 CEST schrieb 
> > Hello to all members of the KDE community,
> > 
> > this friday (september the 20th) will be a big day in climate
> > protests and
> > hopefully also in human history: People in more than 3500 places
> > worldwide
> > are joining the Global Climate Strike to draw attention to the
> > rising
> > climate crisis.
> > 
> > The question I want to ask you is: Should KDE join this protests
> > and show
> > solidarity with the people engaging for this very important topic?
> If KDE (as organization) found this topic important, it should rather
> have it 
> on its agenda every day, instead of just signaling one day the year
> "oh yes, 
> so important topic, we also agree someone(tm) should fix this!!1!" ,
> and the 
> rest of the year continue using flights also for KDE activities
> ("it's quicker 
> & less expensive, sorry") or buy that new device because it is more
> powerful 
> ("I could not stand the old one, sorry").
> I would find it ridiculous and would be embarrassed to see someone
> doing this 
> in my name (as active contributor to KDE software projects), when
> it's not 
> backed by official applied policies. You are actually harming the
> strike, and 
> shadowing those people who are not just signaling, but serious by
> what they 
> do.
> Act first, then demand acts from others, please. And yes, I am aware
> there are 
> individuals here who privately act with environment in mind (he, I
> would 
> consider myself one). But as organisation KDE does not really care
> currently. 
> So it should not pretend it does.
> Like, are KDE's products evaluated in hindsight of their impact on 
> environment, other than side-effect of economically importance to be
> short on 
> need of device resources?
> Is e.V. travel support making sure people tried hard to pick the
> most 
> environment-neutral traffic way (where possible to tell), instead of
> just 
> looking at money?
> And do KDE make sure its servers are run on environment-neutral
> resources? 
> If not, shutting them down on strike would be an act indeed, there I
> agree ;)
> Cheers
> Friedrich

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