Hi Thomas.

Thomas Pfeiffer - 19.09.19, 15:35:27 CEST:
> Here is a concrete proposal which I've just brought up on the promo
> channel and which seems to gain support there:
> - Add a banner on our website _today_ informing about the Global
> Climate Strike which starts tomorrow and telling that we support it
> (not covering the whole website, just big enough that people notice
> it)
> - Post on social media _today_, telling people that we think the
> strike is important
> - Do _not_ use the JavaScript which does the "blackout" tomorrow.
> Reasoning:
> Would anybody have serious concerns about that?

I fully support this beautiful proposal!

Many thanks, Thomas.

What do we choose? Climate Action. When do we choose it? Now.

(I know it is a slight, but I feel important variation of what I heard 
and also sung on the demonstrations.)



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