Hey everyone,

Here is a concrete proposal which I've just brought up on the promo
channel and which seems to gain support there:

- Add a banner on our website _today_ informing about the Global Climate
Strike which starts tomorrow and telling that we support it (not
covering the whole website, just big enough that people notice it)
- Post on social media _today_, telling people that we think the strike
is important
- Do _not_ use the JavaScript which does the "blackout" tomorrow.

The blackout thing is indeed more of a grand gesture of solidarity,
which in itself doesn't do much, at least on our website. The strike is
mainly aimed at politicians, and I don't think many of them even go to
our website.

However, telling our audience about the strike and showing our support
_today_ may motivate some people to join, and that does have an effect.
Politicians don't care about FOSS websites showing a banner, but they do
care about millions of people protesting out on the streets.

I know they do, because they have told me, in person, when I paid them
visits together with other climate activists.
They told me "If you want us politicians to listen, don't sign online
petitions. Go out on the streets in really big numbers!"

Would anybody have serious concerns about that?


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