I learn by social media that KDE is now endorsing this very strike. Well, I obviously do not. There are better activities actually worth endorsing. Too bad some people think they can simply go and speak on whole of KDE's behalf? I feel bitter having to distance myself from a "KDE" position, despite thinking to be part of KDE. (also be aware of the irony to add tiny resource usages to websites with those additional banners, and KDE now linking to some place which endorses Twitter & Facebook, incl. Twitter & Google tracking on the
website... not my future but another crisis)

I must confess I missed that we decided to participate, too, but digging
in the mails of this thread it seems the board of e.V. did so. (if I don't misread
Aleix mail)

This is OK for me, as for that the board got elected, to do some decision
when we can't wait for weeks to vote on something.

Thought I would have appreciated if at least a 5 lines post of the announcement
that "KDE joins this" would have been done on the planet or here to make
clear what happens. I am not sure that communicating this over twitter only
is the best way to do that, given we have the lists/planet/dot.

(not that twitter is bad to advertise it to the world)

I think this would have been be possible to discuss more properly if one didn't bring this up
a few days before it needs to happens.

Some people in the thread said they had this strike marked since months thought it seems nobody thought about communicating it to our community here a bit earlier that "let's do this
this week".



:-) You might not remember, but I did put up the "we oppose software patents" strike banner more than a decade ago on kde.org and got burned a lot for that, even thought we discussed that internally
at that time.

Ignorance is bliss...
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