Christoph Cullmann - 20.09.19, 22:35:26 CEST:
> Some people in the thread said they had this strike marked since
> months thought it seems nobody thought about communicating it to our 
> community here a bit earlier that "let's do this this week".

I indeed did not think of it as for me the "computer and free software 
stuff" was not connected to the global climate strike / protests. But it 

I also did not know that others here were concerned about climate as 
well. In hindsight… that is a bit naive, since many people care, but I 
did not make the connection and that is what it was.

So kudos to Jens for bringing this up here.

I am grateful for the support on Mastodon, Twitter and

Here in Nuremberg as well as in a lot of other cities the number of 
participating people by far exceeded the expectations.

We can learn from it and next time such an announcement could be in 
other places as well.


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