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  > But you end up repeating that in lots of places (which we should there's 
lots of places that suffer from trying to guess a language name at this point, 
and all of them went the bad way one way or another). If you want to give some 
random potential user more flexibility i'm fine with that, add some flags, but 
i want the "give me the best you can do" possibility to still work. Maybe we 
should even never return an empty string and worst case scenario return code 
  I am not too invested in the use case. For all I care we can leave it as it 
is and should the no-fallback usecase actually get requested we can simply add 
a three-argument variant of the function without default value for KF5 and 
reshuffle the functions for KF6.
  The diff as it is right now is good IMO

  R265 KConfigWidgets


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