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> aacid wrote in kf5_entry.desktop:1
> This is going to be a problem, scripty is going to come and whipe these 
> .desktop files out and then make the translators translate them again.
> Wonder if we could rename them to .desktop.untransltable or something like 
> that and then use the cmake file copy command to copy them to the build 
> folder and trick the test to find the files there?
> Am i making any sense?

Really good point. I've had a look and we only extract src/*. In fact, we only 
have in src :)

This is in line with other frameworks where we have desktop file fixtures. They 
all only extract src/ and use regular desktop files for test fixtures (e.g. 
kservice, kpackage, kparts). So, this should be fine.

> aacid wrote in klanguagenametest.cpp:32
> initTestCase is too late and was failing for me
> makes it work

LGTM, I've added the change to the diff. Thanks.

  R265 KConfigWidgets


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