Of course I was not talking about new contributors. My main goal for this 
release is to help new people to come on-board.
We refreshed the wiki, wrote a step-by-step how-to "signoff and write patches", 
I give personal answers to new contributors, guide them, give them quick and 
early feedbacks on their patches in order to keep them motivated.


    It's obvious to me how much work you're putting in Jonathan, and I 
appreciate it. Thank you. I'm glad one of your big goals is to recruit new 
people since if Koha were a kid, it would be old enough to drive in the USA.

This button I am asking for is to alert support companies and regular 
developers that something is (very) urgent and need their attention. I would 
like to stop gesticulating to try getting this attention. I would like a button 
I can push to make a red blinking light on some desks. Then everybody is free 
to ignore it, but they saw it and I will not push it again. It will be easier 
for me to know that people knows, than sending emails, pinging on #koha, adding 
card to the kanban, CCing people on the bug report, without never knowing if 
they are aware of the problem.



About the kanban: its goal is NOT to replace bugzilla, it has never been and 
will never be.
We are talking about two different tools. One is a bug tracker, the other one 
is a tool to manage/prioritize different tasks, group them under "Epic" (big 
works), form working groups, etc. Moreover community tasks are not always one 
entry in bugzilla, we want to track, discuss and keep history of more stuffs 
than just bugs. Taiga answered this lack. Please re-read the wiki page of the 
kanban if its goal is not clear (or ask me to update it).


    Thank you for clarifying this. I wasn't sure whether it would eventually 
supercede BZ or not.

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