I've had a Floscan 201 fuel flow sensor in both N56ML and N891JF. It worked flawlessly in N56ML on the EIS for something like 750 hours, and then started drifting a bit sometimes, so I replaced it and it worked fine afterwards. When I redid the fuel system in N91JF, I swapped the working Floscan into it, connected to the MGL iEFIS. It worked fine for maybe 20 hours, and it's been crazy ever since. Not crazy in a way that makes any sense....maybe 5% of the time I'd say it's accurate, but most of the time it wanders quickly between the normal 3.8 gph and something like 50 gph! I suspect this is an iEFIS problem, as a lot of the indications on the iEFIS Explorer are also completely whacko. Don't get me started on that though!

I'm back to what always works...a paint stirring stick marked in gallons, that I use as a dipstick to know exactly how much fuel I have before takeoff, and exactly home much I land with, and knowing that I normally burn something like 3.5 gph at altitude cruise....

Mark Langford

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