I have a fuel flow sensor in my KR-2 for a Grand Rapids EIS. The sensor was given to me. Don't know if it works: GR wants $184 to pay for the activation code to make the GR display pay attention to the sensor. If anyone has a use for the Grand Rapids fuel flow sensor, let me know and I will get around to removing it from my KR-2.

Sid Wood
Tri-gear KR-2 N6242
California, MD, USA

But then, what will you do instead of sitting in the cockpit prior to
going for a flight, re-calibrating the fuel flow meter?  Until, (as with
Mark L.) I gave up messing with it, I would often have to sit there in
the cockpit with the master on, re-calibrating the gauge.  I keep the
book on how to do it right at hand in the cockpit as it is not a dirt
simple procedure.


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