On 12/18/2017 1:49 PM, Mike Stirewalt via KRnet wrote:
I don't see why people are comparing a fuel flow meter to a dipstick.  As
far as I can see they don't have anything to do with each other.  A fuel
flow gauge gives real-time consumption information.  A dipstick is
basically something to make jokes about.  Hardly useful in the air.


From what others are posting it sounds like a calibrated dipstick, when used with a working clock and given a known fuel burn per hour based on experience, is a more dependable source of information, given the reliability of the sensor.  It's simply a reliable alternate source of information.

When I had the Tripacer I could estimate the fuel required to refill the tank after a two or three hour flight to within one or two tenths of a gallon.  That's close enough for my comfort given my personal reserve requirement and the $$$ needed to spend to get maybe 1/10 of a gallon more accurate.  A dipstick is not a joke, it's a tool.  It wouldn't surprise me if the caveman used a dipstick to measure the depth of the stream before crossing.

Larry Flesner

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