On 5/31/2018 8:49 PM, Phillip Matheson via KRnet wrote:
  is that a Rolls Royce built Continental Clone with the larger cylinders and 
pistons, etc?  They were standard on the Reims built C-150 Aerobats and put out 
125 hp for only 7 lbs extra weight.  If so where did you manage to find those   
  cylinders, pistons, etc?
Bill Zorc

You might be thinking of the Continental IO-240 but I wasn't aware they were ever used in the Aerobat.  I'd love to have an (injected/opposed) 240 in my KR but I'd have to sell the airplane to afford one.  That engine is an 0-200 case with, I think, 0-360 cylinders and fuel injection and rated at 125 hp.  That would make a KR really scoot.  That engine was used in the Cessna plastic two place trainer that was discontinued.  One was modified for water cooling and used in Rutan's round the world flight.  The engine occasionally comes up for sale on Barnstormers but out of my price range.

Larry Flesner

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