> "This is the auto pilot being talked about on the Thatcher talk group. 

It doesnÂ’t attach to the ailerons or elevator,
 it attaches to small trim tabs added to elevator or ailerons. As talked
about on the other group."

TruTrak was working with this concept.  They were going to charge $1000
for it and since I like their company I wanted to be first in line.  I
think it worked well, the problems came with having to develop a "kit"
for every different aircraft and the project got bogged down and, now
that we know they've been bought, there were clearly some other irons in
the fire more important than this autopilot they were developing.   I
think they did get a kit developed for the RV-4 so there's probably a few
of them flying.  Considering they (TruTrak) were going to have to do this
with a ton of different planes, it's no surprise the idea was dropped.  

Somebody else has picked the idea up though and it seems to me it can't
miss.   At only $200 for a wing leveler w/altitude hold, it's bound to be
very popular.  Perfect for the KR both in terms of price (of course) and
the KR's light control forces.  We fly these planes more by thought than
by actual manipulation of controls so this thing will probably work
better on KR's than on Thatchers or anything else.  In a plane one can
steer just by leaning from side to side, it doesn't need powerful servos.
 The KR started out as a model airplane, after all.  It's not a stretch
to think these lightweight and inexpensive components will work just


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