I've enjoyed the comments concerning the autopilot. My question is: could
the servos drive springs attached to the control cables. This has been done
in aircraft for pitch trim and works pretty well. Seems simpler and more
aerodynamic than trim tabs that work opposite of the desired result. Either
way, I am interested.
   Second question...a year ago I wrote about damaging my KR prop while
hand starting. I have repaired the prop and statically balanced it, but it
vibrates badly. Is there a simple way to dynamically balance a prop? Also
does it matter how the prop is orientated to the throw of the crankshaft? I
know the engine is fine because my spare prop runs smoothly.

   I took Richard's advice to mount a Subaru starter on my HAPI  engine. I
had some problems getting the adapter plate just right, but my engine
really cranks now. Thanks.
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