Gary Sack wrote:

> Does anyone have details on what the tabs would look like? I suppose one
> on the elevator (I already have a little electric trim tab) and one on an
> aileron.

My trim tabs are nothing more than a thin piece of aluminum (020" ormaybe .030" at the most) with maybe a 30 degree bend in them, about 4" wide, hanging off the wing about 2", and another two inches where it fastens to the trailing edge with two number 4 screws through the trailing edge. That's all there is to it. Fly it, figure out what needs to change (more angle or less angle), remove, bend to correct, reinstall, and try it again. You'll want to test it at normal cruise speed, as effectiveness varies depending on the speed. I'll try to get a picture of one of mine today. The beauty of raw aluminum is that it's close to reflects the color of nearby objects, so no need to paint it....

Mark Langford

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