I wrote:

> My trim tabs are nothing more than a thin piece of aluminum (020"
> or maybe .030" at the most) with maybe a 30 degree bend in them, about 4"
> wide, hanging off the wing about 2", and another two inches where it
> fastens to the trailing edge with two number 4 screws through the
> trailing edge.

Photos enclosed. These are actually #2 screws, and .030" thick. They look a bit cocked because of the angle of the trailing edge. It's really more like an inch on the front side of the bend, and about 1.5" on the trailing edge end of the tab, with total width closer to 5" long. Note that I put them on the root of the aileron, because the moment arm is larger there (distance to the hinge line is maximized), so the tab is more effective at moving the aileron. It's also more in line with the bellcrank than if it were located further outboard, so it's not as likely to twist the aileron, although that's probably not an issue anyway. Also note that I located the screws toward the forward end of the tab to maximize the moment arm that they provide over the tab, since the aft end is always lifting anyway (makes them less likely to tear out). This is why I rarely get anything accomplished....I'm always over-thinking the problem....

Mark Langford

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