Mark Jones wrote:

>> I too had this style trim tab on my aileron. The way I mounted mine was with 3M double sided tape and I put over 500 hours flight time on it and it never loosened up. Mounting it this way is just another way to reduce a little drag. <<

I mounted mine with screws because bending the aluminum while mounted could damage the trailing edge of the control surface. I guess if you used .010" aluminum sheet that would probably work though, but then I'd worry about flutter (I'm not happy if I'm not worried about something). With screws I can remove it in half a minute, measure it, bend it on the brake, and reinstall without damaging anything. That's getting it dialed in to start with, but a prop change later can also require another adjustment. With N891JF, tiny drag contributors are not something I worry about, and I'm not sure how sturdy these trailing edges were constructed....

Mark Langford

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