--And, I did not mention having two total hip replacements, since
September, 2019. 

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 Hi guys. I have been very tempted to drive my VW Vanagon to Mt
 Vernon, just to see you guys, Chris, and visit. However, I have been
 tilling up the garden for planting sweet corn, and doing some brick
 laying on my garage today. In addition, tomorrow is my church's first
 day of being inside, since March. I do have good news, as my Family
 Physician has signed off on my 3rd class medical reform paperwork a
 few weeks ago. This is after having holes in my abdomen, for 3 years,
 due to infected mesh the VA hospital put in me in 2013, to fix a
 hernia. After three years of the VA putting me off,, the Cleveland
 clinic repaired the leaky stomach, so i could eat again, and later
 repaired the hernia. I was on liquid TPN for 16 months, and could not
 eat or drink during this time. I never tried to renew my 3rd class
 medical. I am reasonably sure I can pass the 3rd class, but decided
 go with the 3rd class Medical Reform. N455JS, has taken a back seat
 everyday life, but now I need to get her back in the air. Hope to see
 you all, soon. John Shaffer, N455JS Fremont, Ohio. 


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