Your existing story about how you spent your Saturday yesterday makes my
blood start to boil and my hands feel like itching, and wanted to grab the
stick on my KR2.... Too bad, I bought a "completed" KR2 project and was
hoping to do exactly what you just did yesterday, but the more I got into
this bird, I feel the further away it drifts from achieving my goals!

Besides getting my PPL and looking for help on testing out this bird for
airworthiness certificate, there is just too many items to be checked out,
and serious safety issues and components & subsystems to be resolved or

I was wondering if anyone on this list lives not too far away from the
Albuquerque, NM area?!

Enjoy your wonderful Sunday!

Dr. Hsu

On Sat, Jun 6, 2020, 8:43 PM Jeff Scott via KRnet <>

> I had a great time aviating and catching up with friends today.  I flew
> the SuperCub to Kingsley Airfield (MO9) to meet up with Rob Schmitt for
> breakfast.  KRNetter Troy Johnson joined us.  We watched the skydivers
> falling from the sky during breakfast, then I watched Rob blast off for
> home in his KR.  I flew the SuperCub over to Woodfield Airpark where Troy
> now lives and got a chance to catch up with him and did a demo flight with
> Troy in the SuperCub.  I got a text mid afternoon inviting me to another
> friend's airstrip in Northern AR for Watermelon next to the river at his
> place, so flew back home, splashed a few more gallons of fuel in the Cub,
> then the wife and I flew off to spend the evening in the shade by the river
> enjoying some chilled melon with more pilot friends and spouses.  We flew
> back home at dusk and did a nice aerial tour of our area flying with the
> doors open.  Life just doesn't get any better than this.  I put 4 1/4 hours
> on the SuperCub today.  Tomorrow I'll fly the KR west to meet up with the
> local pilots for breakfast, then head Northeast to KMVN to meet up with
> more KR folks for an early lunch in Mt Vernon. So, the perfect weekend
> continues, and who knows, maybe it can get better than today!
> Keep building and get 'em flying.  It's all worth the effort.
> -Jeff Scott
> Arkansas Ozarks
> > Sent: Saturday, June 06, 2020 at 12:55 PM
> > From: "Robert7721 via KRnet" <>
> > To: "KRnet" <>
> > Cc: "Robert7721" <>
> > Subject: Re: KR> Couple of breakfast or lunch get togethers.
> >
> > Jeff Scott and I had a great breakfast this morning at Kingsley! A
> little warm in the cockpit of the KR flying home but still fun. Got to
> watch a few skydivers drop in from our breakfast table. Jeff was heading
> over to an airpark with his friend Troy in the Super Cub after our
> breakfast.
> >
> > Rob Schmitt
> > N1852Z
> > Kansas City, MO
> >
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