Glad to hear you're mobile and ready to fly again!  Sounds like you are 
reaching full function again.

-Jeff Scott
Arkansas Ozarks

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>       --And, I did not mention having two total hip replacements, since
> September, 2019.
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>  Hi guys. I have been very tempted to drive my VW Vanagon to Mt
>  Vernon, just to see you guys, Chris, and visit. However, I have been
>  tilling up the garden for planting sweet corn, and doing some brick
>  laying on my garage today. In addition, tomorrow is my church's first
>  day of being inside, since March. I do have good news, as my Family
>  Physician has signed off on my 3rd class medical reform paperwork a
>  few weeks ago. This is after having holes in my abdomen, for 3 years,
>  due to infected mesh the VA hospital put in me in 2013, to fix a
>  hernia. After three years of the VA putting me off,, the Cleveland
>  clinic repaired the leaky stomach, so i could eat again, and later
>  repaired the hernia. I was on liquid TPN for 16 months, and could not
>  eat or drink during this time. I never tried to renew my 3rd class
>  medical. I am reasonably sure I can pass the 3rd class, but decided
> to
>  go with the 3rd class Medical Reform. N455JS, has taken a back seat
> to
>  everyday life, but now I need to get her back in the air. Hope to see
>  you all, soon. John Shaffer, N455JS Fremont, Ohio.

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