On 6/30/2020 10:29 AM, Dave Ferguson via KRnet wrote:
It's a shame we have to worry about this stuff and wonder what way to go
and what will fit don't ya think??


I don't think there was / is any need to worry.  People knew what they were buying.  They were just trying to save a few bucks and buy "experimental" and then install the unit on a "certified" aircraft and got caught breaking the rules. I think the real "this should not be happening" issue here is that they were making basically the same unit for each market.  If the "experimental" unit met all the requirements why was it not good enough for "certified" aircraft.  We can fly in the same airspace and in close proximity to each other, why can't we use the same equipment.  No one on the net has the answer to that so I guess we're beating a dead horse here.

Larry Flesner

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