As I shared my "grumbling" on Uavionics products I thought it only fair to share their response.  It follows.  Below that is my reply back to Shane.

Larry Flesner



Thanks for contacting uAvionix.  I can't help but this we've made each others acquaintance from my iFly GPS days.  I'm very sorry you feel this way, but we ran the Experimental product for nearly 2 years and 3 months past the 2020 Mandate.  Unfortunately, we had numerous pilots buying the EXP version and installing on a Certified aircraft, and this is not compliant as they are not the same.

We did spend over 7 figures to certify the skyBeacon product and again on the tailBeacon.  Once we received the certification we shifted to manufacture them all the same, minus the software, so the overall cost was significantly higher for us, but we did continue to sell them for 3 months beyond the mandate at the reduced margin.  We even advised resellers to stock up as it would be consolidated.  The FAA was seeing EXP units installed on Certified aircraft and this is a problem for us at the FAA level.  In an effort to reduce pilot confusion, we consolidated the EXP versions in March of 2020, as most Experimental owners were choosing to install echoUAT, which is only $1399 for ADS-B Out and In.  The demand for the experimental skyBeacon and tailBeacon was very low compared to echoUAT and our TSO products so in order to streamline productions to keep products in stock and reduce confusion we consolidated the EXP models of tB and sB.

We very much value our Experimental community and still build the most affordable ADS-B In/Out device on the market for them, the EchoUAT.  Then the new tailBeaconX EXP is a Mode S transponder with ADS-B Out and it's only $2499, about a third of what Garmin charges for a Diversity ADS-B Transponder that is Aireon compatible.

Again, I'm very sorry that you feel this way.  This was a mandated product and we were seeing lots of confusion on TSO and EXP installs, so we ran the EXP well past the Mandate and then consolidated them.  We actually provide free units to many beta testers for validation and testing data during the cert process, so we really do not rely on our Experimental retail customers for such.  Some might think of it as really more of an introductory price or early bird special.  We do greatly appreciate our Experimental community of fellow pilots.

Sorry for your frustration,

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Thanks for your in depth explanation on Uavionics products.  I'm sure there's more to the story than my financial frustration. I'll pass along your reply to all that I "grumbled" to.  As to the misunderstanding between products, (i.e. experimental / certified) I don't think it was as much confusion as people trying to beat the system.  That fault should go to the buyer not the seller.

Speaking of IFLY, I'm still a happy customer with them and promote it to all that will listen.

Now flying identified by Uavionics...............

Larry Flesner

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