FWIW. I never had any issues configuring either the Echo or the Tail Light 
uAvionics units with my Android.  I didn't use airplane mode.  It just talks 
over wifi.  If you are connected to another wifi, it can't talk to the 
uAvionics unit.  But, it seems like every version of the Android devices work 
differently, so what works on one may not work on the next.  Going to airplane 
mode would certainly reduce the amount of stuff running in the background that 
might interfere with the app. 

-Jeff Scott

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> Subject: KR> Uavionics ADS-B out update
> I posted a list yesterday on how to get an android phone to communicate 
> to a Uavionics device.  I connected again on the ground after the flight 
> and I think the key is to have the phone with "airplane mode" turned on 
> for some reason.
> Larry Flesner

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