Hi Andrea and all,

I must disagree to some extent with not recommending Google translate. Firstly, 
I wish to state that I do not use Google Translate for entire translations, 
since it translates word to word, and not based on the context of the actual 
phrase. However, I do believe it is useful in the sense that it gives a word 
and other alternatives for the translated words, and as an Arabic translator on 
this service, I have no issue with Google translate and would actually like 
this shortcut button to function. This is for the same reasons I had stated in 
the previous email in regards to this issue: time-efficient and is useful for 
word-to-word translations, which will then allow the translator to translate 
further, based on the context of the phrase that needs to be translated.

I hope you can understand what I am saying, and am looking forward to seeing 
that button actually functioning, in order to boost efficiency of translation 
for a translator (contributor) like myself. Thanks again and will look forward 
to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Ahmad A

From: Andrea Pescetti<mailto:pesce...@apache.org>
Sent: 02 February 2018 08:32
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Ahmad Alawsie wrote:
> So I am attempting to click the “Google translate (EN->AR) button”, and
> I expect it to either open a new window directing me to the google
> translate page, or maybe a mini-window

Thanks for flagging this. The Google translate option came with a Pootle
update but was never configured. We do not recommend using Google
Translate since quality is better if you don't use it (and, if your aim
is consistency, Pootle will give suggestions by itself). Do you think it
would be really useful? At the moment is is an unused new feature that
you are seeing just because of a system update. But if you feel it would
be important we can look into it.


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