Hi Andrea and all,

I know I am emailing quite a lot and hope it is not an issue to you and 
everyone else on this mailing list. I understand now about the suggestion I 
offered, but how do I actually suggest on the Pootle website? Can you offer me 
some guidance to this, and provide me a link too, to make it a little easier to 
understand this process. Thanks again, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Ahmad A

From: Andrea Pescetti<mailto:pesce...@apache.org>
Sent: 02 February 2018 08:36
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Ahmad Alawsie wrote:
> discuss an idea that I have for the Apache translate Pootle service website.

Our website is a standard installation of Pootle. Pootle is free and
open-source, but it is not managed by the Apache Software Foundation.
This means that for Pootle bugs (or enhancements like this one) you will
have to go to the Pootle website and open issues there. From time to
time we will update our installation of Pootle and thus get the new

Of course, it is still useful and good if, after posting to the Pootle
website, you send a link here so that we can follow the issue.


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