Thank you Adele!  I particularly appreciate your reference to linen clothing as 
there as some very fine linen clothes out there.  Beautiful to wear & 
launder--& they last for years.  Others are unsuitable for much of anything & 
they don't last long even on delicate cycle!  So It seems that finely spun 
linen thread is currently available for high-quality dressmaking.  I was just 
hoping that there might be a discernible difference among thread brands for our 
purposes.  Slubs are less egregious in 40/2 thread where the lace is more 
robust, but from my perspective, they aren't welcome in 90/2 for finely 
textured lace.  I won't name names, but the one I used is well known & not 
cheap stuff.  Bummer.  Thanks again for the wake up call.  You can probably 
tell that I use more cotton & silk thread.  ;-)   Still growling, Susan Hottle 

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> On Oct 16, 2016, at 4:14 PM, Adele Shaak <> wrote:
> I must say that I love to use linen thread and I don’t notice the slubs in 
> the finished lace. Maybe I’m just so used to them, maybe it’s because 
> mangling makes the lace look different, maybe they just don’t bug me the way 
> they do you. I don’t know! You’re right in thinking that you will risk 
> breaking the thread by picking out the slub. The thread will also be less 
> twisted in the place where the slub used to be, and will be weaker in that 
> spot as a result.

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