Thank you Alice!  When you mentioned Fresia linen thread, the lightbulb finally 
went on.  When I was buying my thread in an assortment of sizes, my choices 
were between Fresia & the other one.  The one I bought has a more matte finish 
& the explanation was that Fresia is mercerized.  So I just read this very cool 
article about hemp, flax & processing fibers at:  & discovered 
that mercerizing rounds & straightens the fibers while adding luster.  Although 
I knew a bit about retting, I had no clue what mercerizing added to the process 
& I would never have made this connection if you had not mentioned the Fresia!  
Thank you Alice & others for all your help & suggestions.  I will be a better 
informed thread shopper going forward!  Sincerely, Susan Hottle USA     

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