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> They told me that the old varieties of flax, which were used to produce linen 
> thread fine enough to make, for instance, Binche lace, have been lost. 
> Today's flax varieties just do not have fine enough fibres.

I have heard that too, but wonder if it could also be to do with modern 
industrial processing versus the old hand processing of the flax. Hand 
processing is likely to be gentler and might also give the opportunity to 
select the finer fibres. 

Many years ago when I was a new lacemaker I also had the idea of spinning linen 
thread to make lace and even produced enough to make a few inches of a Torchon 
fan edging. Then I moved on to Bucks Point and it certainly wasn’t fine enough 
for that so I gave up. I’m a better spinner now so maybe I should try again but 
first I’d have to find the prepared flax!

Jean in damp, grey Glasgow

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