>>  The size of
>> the linen is size 50, 60, and 70. The brand is Campbell' s made in
>> What type of lace would you recommend for this linen I also acquired a few
>> skeins of linen years ago 6 skeins size 60 thread W. J. Knox LTP LC on
>> label and 3 size 20 with the same maker. What would you use these linen
>> threads for?

Campbell’s 50/2 = 18 w/cm.  60/3 and 70/2 are both 22 w/cm.  Knox’s LC 20
= 18 w/cm
As Jane says these are tablecloth weights, ie torchon with 6mm-7mm between
foot edge pins for the Campbells 50/2 and the Knox 20; 5mm or 6mm between the
foot edge pins for the 60/3 and the 70/2.

Knox’s LC 60 is a bit finer at 31 w/cm which is about the same as most 3ply
cotton sewing machine threads, or size 80-100 crochet cottons, use for torchon
with 4mm between foot edge pins, heavy Beds or Bruges etc.

BTW - it was  W.J. Knox Ltd, (not Knox LTP) and LC was the product - sometimes
called LC lace thread - I don’t know what LC stood for though.  It should be
in skeins (UK use of the word skein ie small hanks) with gold and red printing
on the labels.

Brenda in Allhallows

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