First of all, I just recently got some linen  thread off Ebay. The size of
the linen is size 50, 60, and 70. The brand is Campbell' s made in Ireland.
What type of lace would you recommend for this linen I also acquired a few
skeins of linen years ago 6 skeins size 60 thread W. J. Knox LTP LC on the
label and 3 size 20 with the same maker. What would you use these linen
threads for?

Hi Sherry,

I can't see that anyone has answered this question. I was hoping Brenda would chip in, as she is our thread expert.

Back in the '70s it was difficult to get *any* thread for lace making. As I remember it, Knox went out of business and after a bit we discovered Campbells. Bockens came later (I think, but it was a long time ago). Both were good quality (I was given to understand that Ireland produced the 'best' linen, but that was in the '60s). Its years since I used Campbells - and decades since I used Knox threads.

Therefore I recommend that you check the strength of the thread. It may be quite old and may have deteriorated.

We used these threads for 'domestic' lace, tablecloths, mats, doilies, handkerchiefs, etc, torchon, cluny, beds, beds-maltese, etc. Not bucks, honiton, milanese, or anything fine. Lace made from Campbells was hard-wearing and could be washed again and again *in the washing machine*.

I think Campbells 30 was good for tablecloths, but 50 might be ok. Certainly 50 to 70 would be good for mats, not sure 70 would be fine enough for hanky edging.
Is the 60 Knox finer? If so, it may be good for hankies.

Hope this is helpful. Best wishes,
In an autumnal New Forest

PS. I've still got some Campbells buried in my 'stash', too tired to look for it now. Mum probably has Knox thread as well. Can't believe how old we've grown .....

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